jQuery Bootgrid is a powerful table extender if you will. It extends your table with nice and helpful features as you will see right below. Check out the demos here and get a first-hand impression!


Responsive web design
Mobile devices are more and more important and time is rare. So developing one website for all devices is the right solution to keep development time and cost low.
Accessability support
Make it visible for everyone without extra work - just use it.
Server-side data loading (async)
Load your data asynchronously via AJAX by calling e.g. a REST service.
Dynamic Manipulation
Append, clear or remove rows dynamically via API.
Easy Navigation
A powerful pagination & search field helps you to navigate through your data easily.
Bootstrap support
The default styling is based on Bootstrap.
Flexible design
You are the designer and it´s completely up to you how you style your table.
Highly configurable
Everything is configurable & the plugin is completely based on templates which can be customized.
Data API
All settings can be also set by data attributes.
Client-side data loading (in-memory)
Turn your basic table into a table with advanced functionality (e.g. sorting, paging, searching and much more).
Column converters & formatters
For more flexibility.
Single & multiple row selection support
Today interaction is everywhere needed and selection is such kind of feature that helps you doing this.
Localization support
Labels can be easily changed.
And much more ...
Take a look to the examples and learn more about it.

Buy me a beer

Hey guys, I invested tons of time and still investing to offer you a great feeling and nice looking component. So if you like it, I would very appreciate a beer donation ;-) Thanks.

jQuery Bootgrid is an open-source project hosted on GitHub and can be therefore downloaded in many different ways. The easiest and fastest way to get started is to download the compiled & minified version.

Compiled & Minified

No documentation included; just the bare JS files.


Source Code

Contains the original source files. By using the grunt api command the API documentation will be automatically built.

Download source

jQuery Bootgrid is also available on the following package managers.


The package manager for the Microsoft development platform including .Net. You find the package on NuGet here. To reference the current version of jQuery Bootgrid in your project use the following command.

PM> Install-Package jQuery.Bootgrid


The package manager for Node.js®. You find the package on NPM here.To reference the current version of jQuery Bootgrid in your project use the following command.

$ npm install jquery-bootgrid


A package maneger for the web. To reference the current version of jQuery Bootgrid in your project use the following command.

$ bower install jquery.bootgrid

jQuery Bootgrid is published on the following CDNs.


CDNJS is a known Content Delivery Network for JavaScript and CSS frameworks. You find jQuery Bootgrid on CDNJS here.